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Welcome to Manekis Pärlblogg ("Maneki's Bead Blog"), my little corner of the Web, where I since July 2008 write about everything concerning beads and jewellery making. Here you find facts, tips and thoughts about beads, tools, books, bead making, new products, inspiration, history, culture and more. And not least do I write about different techniques and offer links to projects and patterns.

In my link collections (left column), you can find bead magazines from around the world, bead shop directories, forums and useful bead/jewellery-making websites. Above all you will find links to websites with projects, patterns, and instructions. Mostly for free, but also including a few places to buy projects. A majority of the links go to websites and blogs written in English.

You can translate everything I've written using Google Translate. It's a free service, which means that you will not get a perfect translation, but it can help you to understand what a post is about. Google can translate between over 40 languages so hopefully you can find one suitable for your needs. With the new AddThis function you can now also translate a post by simple placing your cursor on the "share" button at the end of each post -- after the pictures of related posts -- and click on Translate (se arrow in picture below, click on it to enlarge). If you can't see it, use the search box or click on the orange plus sign saying more.

English versions of tutorials
I am currently working on translations of the tutorials, projects, and patterns published in the category Manekis projekt och mönster. You will find them at Wildroses and blackberries, under the Tutorial page.

Where not otherwise stated, all text and pictures are © Manekis Pärlblogg/Kristina Johansson. You may quote me as long as you link to the blog. If you want to copy whole or partial posts, borrow photos etc, please, ask my permission first. You do not need prior permission if borrowing one or two photos for a feature on my blog or when in any other way blogging about and linking to me.

About me 
My name is Kristina and I live in the Northwestern corner of the southernmost province of Sweden: Skåne. On beading forums I'm usually called maneki-neko girl or maneki (or just kristina at UK Beaders). I've been beading since 2005 and have during these few years accumulated so much facts, links and trivia about beads and jewellery-making that I feel I want to share with other beaders/jewellery-makers. The bead blogging is my big project and when not beading or hunting for a job, I spend much of my time writing and researching for this blog.

I love seed beads, metal and fibre, which means they have a special place not only in my heart, but also on this blog. Apart from beading, I also enjoy embroidery, crochet, photography, mixed media/painting and reading, especially fantasy, 19th c classics and manga. Something you can see here and on my Pinterest page [where I post even more stuff for beaders and jewellery makers!] -- and on my other blog Wild roses and blackberries, where I post more of my own creations and write more personal texts. WR&B is written in english.

If you want to get in contact with me, just send an e-mail or use the contact form found under the tab Kontakt (above, under the blog banner). Do not hesitate to write, I enjoy getting mail. I speak English and Swedish only. I do understand Danish and Norwegian and a little bit of German, but can only reply in English or Swedish. Let me know which of the two you prefer.
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